Intuitive Intelligence: Quantum Miracles

taught by Melissa Binkley

Course description

In this mini- course we show you the little-known secret that’s quietly bringing together science and spirituality so you can connect to your inner essence to heal your trauma and manifest your divine future.

Intuitive Intelligence reflects a person's ability to connect with the heart, the collective conscious, and the higher self and how that improves performance, healing trauma and manifesting the future. By using II and connecting to the Field we can facilitate thinking, understand meanings, create profound change, heal patterns and trauma and connect to the world.There is fascinating research that is beginning to uncover the nature and functioning of intuition, heart intelligence and the Field as a way for complete transformation.

Rather than responding to situations from habitual patterns that are not necessarily healthy or constructive, however, those situations could be more effectively addressed with new and creative solutions. These solutions can take into consideration the available inner resources that are congruent with one’s deeper intuition and core values. In other words, we can learn to intentionally align with and access our intuitive intelligence, which can provide moment-to-moment guidance and empower heart-based living.Learn to create a space for true transformation.

Whether you want to be healthier, create more prosperity, heal from your past or create a new future this is a powerful force to creating that space.

We are at a critical time in our history. We are at the crossroads, the magical space in-between. We are in between 2 worlds. An ancesotral archetypal patricarchial society that honored violence, sexism, and racism. As a way of being dissolves we are entering a time when everything will be questioned. All that seemed real, true, permanent will come in to question. This is the formidable breakdown before the breakthrough of a new consciousness. As this bubble that we have lived in is popped the only possiblity is for a new doctrine to be implemented. Those that have been speaking of this doctrine for years have been considered "woo-woo" or some other New Age nonsense. This shift were we will stand truly in between Old Truths and New Truths all will be broken down, all darkness will be revealed to bring about a true form of non-judgement. What is this new truth?

This course will show you techniques that will allow you to transform your trauma and patterns into life altering experiences of creation and I will give you the science - nueroscience and heart science behind this amazing work.

Melissa Binkley
Melissa Binkley

Melissa Binkley is the founder and CEO of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. She has years of trainings, certifications and degrees in neuroscience, quantum physics, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, transpersonal psychology, consciousness, heart science, health coaching, transformational coaching method, and spiritual healing techniques.