Get Clients with Speaking

How to Book Speaking Engagements in 30 Days | taught by Melissa Binkley
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Melissa Binkley
Melissa Binkley

About the instructor

Melissa Binkley is the founder and CEO of the Intuitive Intelligence Academy. She has years of trainings, certifications and degrees in neuroscience, quantum physics, cognitive behavioral therapy, NLP, transpersonal psychology, consciousness, heart science, health coaching, transformational coaching method, and spiritual healing techniques.

Do you need a real training that takes out all the guesswork and gives you a fool-proof plan of action and system to getting in front of your ideal audience ?

Then you are an ideal candidate for Get Clients with Speaking 

  • Are you having trouble finding your ideal client ? 
  • Or finding the places to get in front of your ideal audience? 
  • Do you wish there was a system for filling your pipeline with a constant source of leads? 
  • Do you value freedom? 
  • Do you have a vision and want to share it in a BIG way? 
  • Do you thrive in community and through connection? 
  • Are you afraid that you’ll always be stuck in your business constantly struggling to find clients without being able to scale and the message you’re meant to share with the world goes unnoticed? 

What Exactly Is the Get Clients with Speaking Program?

Before I lay out the program, let me tell you how this came about. 

A few years ago in 2016, I was traveling to another destination to share at an intimate event and was planning my trip to England for my first international speaking engagements when someone approached me about my travels and speaking.

Up until then, I had only shared my speaking expertise in high-end group coaching programs that cost well over $7000. I then set out to interview over 100 entrepreneurs about their needs and I realized the need for this information to be available to everyone.

But here’s the thing…

After interviewing everyone, it became clear that there’s a higher demand for this type of information than I had capacity for at the level.

More importantly, we found many entrepreneurs who were in the beginning phase who were ready for their next level of growth, but would be better served by a more modest investment.

So, I sat down with my team and evaluated the most powerful components of my proven programs and looked for a way to deliver spectacular results in a more condensed format.

I know you’ll create the impact you want, share your vision, and make the income you want when… 

* Have the confidence to talk to anyone

* Become Crystal clear on your message

* Find the kinds of audiences that will LOVE YOU (without hours of cold calling)

* Avoid costly mistakes when negotiating with decision makers.(so it's a win-win agreement)

* Build a sustainable conscious business that compliments your lifestyle (so you love your life) and transforms lives.

So The Get Clients with Speaking Program was born. 

This 4- Module course for soul-filled small business owners and entrepreneurs includes:
  • 4 Modules jammed packed with audios and worksheets (totally downloadable audio format) 
  • Getting Booked email Scripts & swipe files (phone and email) 
  • Hot Places to Find Gigs (21 places that will keep your calendar full) 
  •  Private Facebook Mastermind Access (so you can network and get your questions answered and have access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs that you can relate to and grow with 

Course Contents

9 PDFs
12 Audios
10.0 hrs